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About us

Founder of New Age Brand and creative creator of collections

Adrienn Ferenczi

New Age is a brand from Hungary. Every workflow in our company is made by the best domestic experts. The brand launched 2017 with an Autumn/Winter collection.
Our creative team is designing clothes for women, who are ready to reveal their style and mark out from the ordinary. The brand is known by the „luxury prêt-à-porter” (the „ready to wear”). Our main focus is to represent the fashion, and it is also important to bring on wearable, comfortable clothes with elegant silhouettes, all from high-quality fabrics. Limited number are produced of every single piece of our collection, in order to feel unique and very special, when wearing New Age clothing.

''I believe that Your style is not defined by the the world or the fashion trends, Your style comes from Your personality.''

You are your Style!